1. The Rt. Rev.Paul Dupare, President (Ex-officio)
Church of North India - Diocese of Nagpur

2. Mr.Sudhakar Ramteke, Vice-President
Representative Nagpur Diocesan Development Association

3. Mrs.Shashi Sail, Treasurer
CMPP, Mahasamund

4. Rt.Rev.Dr.D.K.Sahu, Member
Representative, National Council of Churches in India

5. Fr Jerome Pinto, Member
Archbishop’s Nominee, Archdiocese of Nagpur (RC)

6. Rev. S.M.Chandorikar, Member
Bishop’s Nominee, Methodist Bombay Conference

7. Adv.Franklin Isaac
Representative Methodist Bombay Conference

8. Mr.S.Thangavel, Member
Representative CNI Diocese of Nagpur

9. Sis.Daya Mathew, Member
Representative Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nagpur

10. Dr.Shailendra Awale, Member
Representative CNI Synodical Board of Social Services

11. Mr. Kalyan Peterson, Member
Treasurer CNI Synod

12. Rev.S.Paranjyothy, Secretary (Ex-officio)
Director, CNI-SSI

13. Mr.Vilas Shende

14. Mr.Umakant Gedam
15. Mr.Subhash Bansod

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